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Mission Statement:
To harness the power of music for equipping people to grow in faith in Jesus Christ through the spiritual discipline of scripture memorization.

Music is powerful. God made it that way. The human brain’s capacity to recall melody is stronger than its ability to recall most anything else. Ask any adult, no matter their age, to sing a favorite song from their teen years. Most will be able to recall the entire song word for word, even if they haven’t listened to it in decades! is all about harnessing the brain’s amazing capacity to remember melodies. We simply link melodies to Bible verses, word for word, to make memorization easier! We do not paraphrase or adjust the scriptures to make them fit the music, but rather adjust the music to fit the scriptures. The only variation from scripture contained in the songs comes in the form of extra repetition of lines.

Of course, we have not invented or discovered something new. Composers have been setting scripture to music for centuries. However, in today’s fast paced society, Christians more than ever before have begun to neglect the memorization of scripture. It is our desire to encourage and equip believers to once again embrace the spiritual discipline of memorization.

Jason Strain, Scripture Songwriter for

Jason Strain

Jason has been a Music Pastor since 2000, serving at Cedar Grove Baptist Church and Community of Hope Church, both in Surrey BC, Canada. Jason is a songwriter and arranger, with a passion for setting scripture to music. He teaches Choir and Bible at Regent Christian Academy and Vocals at Pacific Life Bible College's Institute of Music Ministry. Jason is married to his lovely wife Dana, and they have two school aged boys, Evan and Liam. Jason enjoys mountain biking and snowboarding whenever he gets the chance.

Jason's passion for writing Bible memory verse songs began at a church leadership retreat in April of 1999, where he wrote his first word-for-word setting of scripture, using Psalm 23. He then wrote his setting of Psalm 139:23-24 (Search Me O God) in order to help his home Bible study group commit it to memory. The study group loved the song, and after much urging from them, Jason reluctantly shared "Search Me, God" with the church family, and it was very well received. Soon his pastor was requesting memory verse songs to use in church to support his sermon themes, and Jason embraced the challenge, coming up with several more songs.

All along, Jason was writing his own worship songs, taking much pride in the crafting of clever lyrics. One day the Lord convicted him that he was seeking the accolades of man rather seeking to please God, and challenged him to drop lyric writing in favor of using only scripture. Jason has been passionately writing scripture songs ever since, with the specific aim of helping others to memorize scripture.


Memorizing Bible verses is so difficult for me. Jason’s Bible songs not only allow me to memorize key scriptures, but I find that the Lord puts these verses on my heart as I wake up in the morning. Even while I am doing those tasks where finding the joy of the Lord is not so easy, I am able to find His deeper meaning for them.

Michael Vuorensivu - Couples Ministry, Cedar Grove Church, Surrey BC, Canada

I had the privilege of serving with Pastor Jason Strain for over 10 years. He is an incredibly gifted and dedicated man of God with a unique talent and passion for writing and performing worship songs set to scripture. I wholeheartedly and unreservedly commend him to you.

Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh - Cedar Grove Church, Surrey BC, Canada

Jason Strain is a man of integrity, a skilled musician who carries a deep passion within his heart to help the body of Christ memorize Scripture through music. We all know we should memorize Scripture. Most of us have tried..and failed. Now Jason has made it doable! We have personally incorporated one of his songs "Search Me, God" into our Freedom Session teaching DVDs which God has used repeatedly to soften and open hearts.

Ken B. Dyck - Founder, Freedom Session Ministries