Seminars & Retreats

Memory Techniques Seminar

For those interested in memorizing longer passages of scripture, this seminar highlights the same technical material as in the BibleSong Retreat, but without the musical presentations. These techniques are valuable for improving one’s memory in general, in addition to memorizing scripture.

Scripture Songwriting Seminar

Our songwriter Jason Strain has spent several years developing techniques for setting scripture to music. Most Bible passages are prose, not poetry. In a Scripture Songwriting Seminar, Jason shares his methods of making music with prose, which does not have rhyme or rhythm, and does not fall naturally into a poetic structure that is singable.

Retreats also offers the BibleSong Retreat, designed to take people on a more in depth journey through the scriptures using melody to memorize scripture. In a BibleSong Retreat, we set aside study time to explore what the Bible itself says about the value and benefit of memorizing scripture. We also teach non-musical memory techniques which are very helpful in memorizing longer passages and also solidifying the shorter passages featured in our songs.

Please note that BibleSong retreats and seminars can be tailored to emphasize specific biblical texts or themes.

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